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Established in 1992, Fuzhou Jing'an Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a enterprise providing customized service of various rubber products. Jing'an offer rubber injection molding, rubber compression molding and rubber transfer molding, we are committed to pursuing the best technologies and resources to meet customers' need. With more than 17 years experience and success, Jing'an has sold rubber products to Hong Kong...
Address: No.862 Pang Yu Road, Fuwan Zone, Jinshan Industrial Estate, Fuzhou,Fujian,China
Phone: 86-591-87720689
Fax: 86-591-87735201-3-0
E-mail: sales@fjxj.com
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Optical fiber boot

The company is committed to the production of optical fiber boot which is mainly used in optoelectronic industry. Optical fiber boot produced by Jing'an Company owns the following features: high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, dustproof, shake-proof, pressure resistance, static-free and corrosion resistance, etc. Its optical fiber boot has passed the national substance test for environmental management, without toxic substances. And it complies with ROHS standard and is up to fireproofing grade of UL 94V-0. Having been engaged in manufacturing optical fiber boot for ten years, Jing'an is the earliest manufacturer and supplier of optical fiber boot in our country, with market share of 70%-80%. So far, Jing'an has developed and manufactured more than 150 kinds of optical fiber boot. Jing'an will try its best to meet customers' technical demands and manufacture satisfying products.

(EOAT)Vacuum Suction Pad

?The?(EOAT)Vacuum Suction Pad?are widely used in automation equipment. Our products features: antistatic, non-toxic.The?(EOAT)Vacuum Suction Pad?are widely used in automation equipment. The vacuum cup of Jing'an Company has the following features:1)high and low temperature resistance,2)oil resistance,3)acid and alkali resistance,4)waterproof,5)dustproof,6)shake-proof,7)pressure resistance,8)antistatic and corrosion resistance, etc.The?(EOAT)Vacuum Suction Pad?has passed the national substance test for environmental management, without toxic substances.And it complies with ROHS standard and is up to fireproofing grade of UL 94V-0.

Water Stop

Rubber water stop is made of quality standard of a natural rubber and various synthetic rubber as raw materials, mixing a variety of accelerator agents and fillers, by plasticating, mixing, curing, molded made of a sealing with a product, it is the use of flexible rubber, the pressure load generated in a variety of elastic deformation, which play a strong seal, can effectively prevent the building construction of water leakage, seepage and play the role of shock absorption cushioning. Many large projects at the national building design, civil engineering, water and soil structure have a certain flexibility between the request and there is water and shock resistant, and were therefore used and installed rubber water stop is effective to solve the above problems encountered in engineering.

Rubber parts

Since its establishment in 1992, Jing'an has been devoted to providing custom-made rubber molding for customers. With rich experience in developing and manufacturing various rubber products, nonstandard parts and irregular parts, Jing'an manufactures products according to the design paper or samples provided by customers. Various rubber parts customized by Jing'an are popular in every industry. The company produces all the products with strict quality assurance and provides perfect after-sale service. Professional service personal will handle inquiries and orders of customers. Jing'an wishes to keep long-term cooperation relationship with customers and welcomes your contact.

Rubber Bonded to Metal

Additionally, Jing'an also provides processing and production of rubber-to-metal bonding, a processing technique which bonds metal pieces with rubber products and can be used to process rubber-to-steel bonding, rubber-to-aluminum bonding, rubber-to-copper bonding and rubber-to-plastic bonding. Rubber-to-metal bonding products are widely applicable to bearings, gears and trolleys, etc. Jing'an processes and manufactures rubber-to-metal bonding in various specs, sizes and shapes.

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